Do I need to use Mulch?

Keep your yard healthy and beautiful all at the same time just by simply adding mulch to your beds! With this Texas Summer heat, mulch plays a major role in preventing dryness by holding moisture and keeping roots moist. Having your plants well protected with mulching throughout the summer will keep the plants strong and healthy, thus allowing them to better survive the Winter. Don’t worry when Winter comes around, Mulch is the best insulator for your soil from the hot and COLD temperatures!

Surround your plants with much for the perfect eye-catching contrast! Choose from different textures and colors that fit your landscaping desires. Create intricate designs with mulch as dividers of patterns or edging of beds throughout your yard. Visually enhance your garden while adding many valuable benefits to your yard.


Different Colors of Mulch

The proper amount of mulch is essential for the health and growth of the plants in its surrounding areas. How much mulch do I need? First you need to understand what would one yard cover. Once cubic yard will cover approximately 100 sq ft and measures, 3’x3’x3’.  A layer of 3 -4 inches of mulching in flower beds is just what you need, any more than that will reduce its effectiveness on your yard and can cause rotting around your plants. It’s important to apply the proper amount, too much can be harmful by retaining too much moisture therefore over-saturating your soil.

Mulching is inexpensive and easy to apply, spend less time worrying about your lawn and spend more time enjoying it with your family. You shouldn’t have to struggle year-round to keep your plants alive and healthy, keep your mulching levels maintained and you’ll notice the difference!

Mulch is not only a visual enhancement to your lawn, but when applied correctly will add many valuable benefits to your yard including:


  • Conserve moisture
  • Reduces weed growth
  • Encourages expansion of root systems
  • Curb appeal
  • Moderate soil temperature
  • Reduce soil compaction and erosion
  • Protect trees roots from lawn equipment
  • Moderate soil temperature


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