Chinch Bugs

Chinch Bugs- Act now before its too late!

Chinch Bugs love our hot Texas Summers. As the temperatures continue to rise and yards become drier, these Chinch Bugs can destroy a lawn in no time! that is why you need to check your yard often for Insect and/or diseases.

Know what signs to look for, if you notice yellowing in your grass on the edges near your driveway it’s only the beginning of an infestation. Chinch bugs will only move on to greener grass and begin to damage all areas of your lawn. They’re about the size of a flea and can be spotted on the edges of damaged areas. The Chinch Bugs flourish in hot and dry environments; therefore, it is important to properly water and fertilize your lawn.

Repairing a lawn from Chinch Bugs infestation can be a very timely process. Don’t wait to fertilize before it’s too late. Once the Chinch Bug infests an area, they kill the grass thus resulting in the yellow and brown spots throughout the yard. You can re-sod or wait for healthy grass to grow and cover the damaged areas. Although healthy green lawns are also in risk of being invaded by Chinch Bugs, the damaging process isn’t as quick as a malnourished lawn. You will have time to prevent the reproductive cycle by applying a liquid insecticide properly over a 21 day period in 7 day intervals.

Once the temperatures decrease again, these pests will no longer be an issue. However, we all know how long these hot Texas cbd days last. Don’t let your yard get damaged by these pest, let us help you maintain a healthy lawn!

We can help you with fertilization and insects and disease control. Call Us NOW for a free estimate before it is too late and you loose your lawn against the Chinch Bugs.



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